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Do you have an extraordinary ability to connect with young adults? We want to talk to you.


Program Overview:

Seeking extraordinary educational mentors and youth leaders. City Action Corps, a new leadership, education, and conservation job training program, takes youth into the outdoors for extended wilderness experiences while completing challenging conservation projects. This summer, inner city youth from Buffalo, ages 16-19, will spend 6 weeks in the outdoors working, living, and learning. We’re looking for staff eager to start this new program, passionate about teaching inner-city youth.

Soon after the 4th of July, a crew of 10 youth and 2 crew leaders will depart from Buffalo for an intense job training experience in wilderness areas surrounding Buffalo. During the week, youth will work on conservation projects. This summer work will focus primarily on trail and bridge construction and existing trail restoration. Youth will work approximately 35 hours per week, participate in educational activities after work and on the weekend, and enjoy recreational opportunities within our National Forests and State Parks.

Crew leaders will be the primary camp supervisors and project managers during the experience. They will oversee work-site activities, manage camp activities and chores, foster an atmosphere of encouragement and support, mediate conflicts, ensure the safety of all participants, and serve as the FUN-meister. Crew leaders wear many hats and draw on a wealth of past experiences to offer the highest quality wilderness, leadership, and work experiences for the youth. NOTE: There will be thorough staff training for all leaders.

This is not just a job, it’s an adventure. The work is challenging and the days are long, but it is inspiring to support youth as they push their own limits, expand their minds, and become physically and mentally stronger through the intensity of their experience.

Minimum Requirements

At least 19 years old.
A minimum of Basic First Aid and CPR certification. Wilderness first aid, WEMT, WFR preferred.
Experience working with inner-city youth, primarily teens.
Clean driving record for the past two years.
Comfort living and working in the outdoors.
Ability to lift 60 lbs and perform physically demanding activities.
Excellent organizational and communication skills.

Ideal Qualifications:

Passion and enthusiasm for supporting youth as they expand their personal limits, increase their work ethic, and take an active role in the community.
An innate ability to develop rapport with a diversity of teenagers.
Skills and relevant experience fostering cohesive, supportive, and accepting groups or teams.
A commitment to process and gracefulness in mediating conflicts. This program is intended to build skills and strengthen confidence. We want to encourage youth to envision another way of dealing with conflict, a way that respects individuals and strengthens relationships.
Eagerness to learn new skills, take risks, challenge your own perceived limits, and provide unconditional support and encouragement for youth.
Familiarity or experience facilitating conservation work projects preferred, but not required. Training will be provided.
Personal experience and comfort in outdoor settings for extended time periods.
Ability to lift 70 lbs and backpack 10 miles.
Excellent organizational skills and the ability to juggle multiple tasks.
Ability to assess risks and make sound decisions to keep the group safe.
Ability to listen, give and take feedback, and learn constantly.

Position: Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader

Position Type: Residential, Field Based, Seasonal, Youth Program

Location: Projects will be in Pennsylvania and Southern New York.


Program Start Date:

Application Deadline: Please call ASAP to express your interest, hiring decisions will be made in the next two weeks.

Application Process:

A. Letter of Interest: In the letter, please specify 2 experiences you’ve had with teenagers and how those experiences have influenced your work.

B. Name, Number/Email, and Nature of Relationship for 3 references (letters not required): Ideally, one from someone that can comment on your interactions with young people, one from a teen you’ve worked with, and a third from a previous employer.

C. Brief responses to the following 3 questions:

1. Buffalo Youth Corps projects require a high degree of commitment, creativity, and energy. What can you contribute to this new program? What can you contribute to the youth participants?

2. Due to the residential nature of the program, conflicts can and will occur. What is your approach to dealing with conflicts that may occur with youth that make bad decisions or groups of individuals that are struggling to get along?

3. After a long week of work, it turns out you have an entire day free to explore and relax with your crew. How would you go about organizing and planning the day?

D. Resume

Email completed applications to: info@cityactioncorps.org or by mail to:

Michael Gainer, City Action Corps, 980 Northampton Street, Buffalo, NY 14211.

More information contact Michael Gainer, 716-949-0900 or visit our website, www.CityActionCorps.org

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