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Executive Summary

When you hire a City Action Corps crew to complete your project, you get a professionally trained, equipped and supervised work team that will complete your job on time and to your specifications. You can expect contractor-level results. At the same time, you’ll be helping provide valuable paid work and character-building experience to out of school and out of work young adults.

Program Overview

City Action Corps provides out of school and out of work young adults with meaningful work experiences, positive and supportive mentoring, and rigorous educational experiences that will prepare them for opportunities in higher education, technical training, and entry level employment.

Fully equipped and supervised City Action Corps crews complete projects for project sponsors throughout Western New York with contractor-level results. These work experiences support the goals of our project sponsors by completing critical projects that enable their mission. Similarly, City Action Corps participants learn valuable job skills, complete meaningful projects in their community, and earn a wage.

Typically, our contracted work consists of high labor projects, in the areas of conservation, construction, agriculture, and energy systems. We’re eager to speak with potential sponsors regarding any work projects they feel may be mutually beneficial for both City Action Corps crews and job sponsors.

What can you expect from our crews?

Our crews operate independently and are fully equipped, mobile, trained, and ready for work. They’re fully capable of delivering contractor-level work, supplying the necessary tools, personal protective training and equipment and all skills needed to meet and exceed your project expectations.

All crews are lead by experienced, mature and professional crew leaders. Our leaders model a diligent work ethic and set high standards for worker performance and safety. Our goal is to foster a strong team environment that will enable the completion of your project and reinforce positive work skills for our corps members. Leaders facilitate OSHA and safety skills training both prior to the start of work and while on the job and ensure the crew follows OSHA guidelines for work projects on job sites.

Project contracts include a specific scope of work and 420 committed labor hours. We are prepared to work in all kinds of weather and will take the necessary safety precautions when doing so. City Action Corps crews are fully insured – all corps members are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, and our organization has a 1M/2M general liability policy.

All work performed by the crews will be done to sponsor specifications and to the highest quality.

What can you expect from our crew leaders?

Crew leaders are solely responsible for managing the crew and the project during the work day.
Crew leaders set high expectations for the crew, motivate the crew to meet the expectations, manage the safe implementation of the project plan and facilitate efficient and timely completion of the project.
Crew leaders are first aid, CPR and OSHA certified.

The Program Director and Crew Leaders of City Action Corps communicate directly with project sponsors prior to the start of work and throughout the duration of the project. Prior to the beginning of work, crew leaders discuss project specifications with the project sponsor and visit the project site to discuss expectations. Once expectations are clarified and a work plan is created, the crew leaders facilitate the implementation of the plan. Project sponsors are more than welcome to work with the crew at anytime; however, it is not required. Our leaders are seasoned crew leaders and have extensive experience leading youth on work projects.

What do we expect from project sponsors?

We expect regular communication with sponsors, both prior to the start of the project and at a minimum of once a week. It’s important to meet with sponsors each week to ensure the project is proceeding as expected.

We expect sponsors to hold our crews to the highest expectations. Crew leaders model a high level of intensity and strong work ethic and we expect the same from our crews. We expect our sponsors to do the same. We want the expectations for our youth crews to be exactly the same as the expectations you would have for any other contracted project.

We expect sponsors to treat the youth with the highest level of respect. If there are issues with quality or individual issues with the youth, we ask that these issues be discussed first with crew leaders. Crew leaders will then promptly address the issue and take whatever actions necessary to ameliorate the situation.

We expect prompt and direct feedback. If at any point the project is not progressing as expected we need to hear that from you. We work for you and will do the job you’ve contracted for.

We expect materials and specialty tools be provided by project sponsors.

If time is available, we’re glad when project sponsors share information and knowledge about their business or organization, the surrounding area and the project. This program has an educational focus and it’s always great to learn about what’s happening with your project and in our community.

How can hiring a youth work crew benefit you?

We are completely self sufficient, which means we can complete the job with little oversight by sponsor staff. This frees your staff to do other work within your company or organization.

We work closely with teens to support their personal needs; expand their skill set, and inspire them to improve their skills and work ethic, which means you will get high quality results and efficient completion.

We’re really easy to work with. We can make modifications on-site, efficiently and effectively, to meet the needs and expectations of project sponsors.

Quality is a high priority for your organization and we work diligently to teach youth about the importance of a strong work ethic and high quality work.

Beyond your current project, when you hire a City Action Corps crew, you’re directly supporting our work to prepare today’s young people for today’s and tomorrow’s demanding, ever-changing workplace. When our corps members complete our year-long program, they’ll be ready to perform in a mature, professional manner, whether they’re pursuing paid employment in industry or the trades, an apprenticeship, higher education or a small business startup. The opportunity to work on “real world” projects is a key component of their preparation for the future.

What kind of work can City Action Corps crews complete?

Our crews can complete nearly any outdoor project requiring large amounts of manual labor. Our staff has the training and experience to coordinate youth crews on a wide variety of projects. This is a partial list, if you have a need that’s not listed, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

  • Trail construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and brushing. Trail specialty construction, including bridges, waterbars, turnpikes, and retaining walls.
  • Habitat improvement projects. Invasive species removal. Replanting. Pruning.
  • Construction projects. Interior demolition. Clean-outs. Gutting. Material reuse and recycling projects.
  • Agricultural projects. Planting, harvesting, weeding.
  • Snow removal, grounds maintenance, and cleanup.

And this is just a partial listing. Got an idea? Give us a call.

Our Crews are Independent and Mobile

We provide:

  • Transportation
  • Tools
  • Technical Expertise
  • First Aid and Safety equipment
  • Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance
  • Educational/Recreational Opportunities

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